Here is the video I took at the CYO track meet at Bonner Springs on Sat, April 28, 2012.

Track results here

Summary: Robyn’s knee tightened up during warm ups and was hurting. I told her to pull out of the 1600m if it did not clear up. She ran a good pace (1:28 in lap 1, 1:35 in lap 2; best 2nd lap ever?) but pulled out of the back-stretch during lap 3. Her asthma had kicked in and she could not breathe. It had rained the night before, and the air was thick and the pollen was up. (And the guy at the concession stand was grilling burgers so she ran into smoke on the home stretch.) She had taken her medicine and a pull earlier, but it wasn’t enough. She felt herself going into bad-wheezing mode, so she pulled off. Pearl was standing with Catherine when it happened, who exclaimed: “You can do that?” Mary ran a 6:01, Molly a 6:37, and Grace a 6:38 1600M race

Robyn recovered fine and was dancing around for the rest of the day. I think we need to have her warm up much harder and hurt her lungs before the 1st race so they get used to it. Robyn did the long jump for the first time this year. Was nervous because she’d only had one practice, but she pulled it off and won with a 12-07. Long Jump

Alia won the 100m with a 15.15 100M race

This was the first time Robyn had ever run the 400m. She did not enjoy it, but ran very well. Could probably run the 2nd and 3 legs a bit faster, but she finished great to win in 1:10.64 400M race

The short medley was exciting because Robyn, Alia, and Catherine ran the final leg. Catherine started with perhaps a 5 yd lead over Robyn and a 10 yd lead over Alia. Alia made up huge ground on the turn to get in front of Robyn, then Robyn closed down half the distance to Catherine on the straight, but Catherine held on. Short medley

Final race was the 4x100m relay


Here is the video I took at the CYO track meet at Bishop Miege on Sat, April 21, 2012.
Track results here
6th grade. Robyn in the 1600M. Time: 6:17.95
6th Grade 200m. Nice fist pump, Annie. Time: 33.66
6th grade short medley relay. Alia in the anchor leg.
Robyn in the 800m. Time: 2:58.99
6th grade 4x100m. Robyn in 2nd leg
Summary: Robyn shaved a couple of seconds off her best 1600m time. Mary ran a 6:01 and Robyn tried to stay with her on the 1st lap, but dropped down fast at the start of the 2nd lap. Brave effort, but lack of practice and cannot pace all 4 laps. Need to do more with 2nd and 3rd laps. Her 800m time was off her best and her legs were hurting.