World’s greatest eggnog recipe

Picked this up from playboy many years ago.

1 pint of cheap domestic brandy
¼ pint cheap domestic sherry
½ pint of cheap rye whiskey
¼ pint Jamaica or New England rum
12 eggs
12 tablespoon of sugar
1 quart of milk or 1 quart of half & half
1 quart of cream or 1 quart of half & half Nutmeg and cinnamon to flavor ½ gallon of Borden vanilla ice cream (it has condensed milk)

Mix brandy, rye, rum and sherry.
Separate egg yolks and whites (keep both) Beat egg yolks well, then add sugar. While mixing egg yolks and sugar, drizzle the liquor. Then drizzle in milk & cream. Set aside.

Beat egg whites stiff. Then fold the egg whites into the mixture. This works best if you start with ¼ to 1/3 of mixture.

Put the brew in the refrigerator and leave for at least 72 hours- prefers 8 days when it peaks. If you drink it to soon it will taste like crap. Serve in a big punch bowl. Add the ½ gallon of ice cream and nutmeg and cinnamon.
This will keep in the frig for 4 to 5 weeks.

For the unwritten experience notes, when the recipe says “cheap”, it really means it. For the rum, go with something good and use a heavy hand. I recommend Appleton’s 4 yr old. Worth it. This mixture is seriously potent and seriously delicious. The peak is more like 2 weeks, so start now. It really does taste terrible for the first 1 week, so leave it alone! And it really is good for 4 weeks.