Whassup with the Aurora HDR app sharpen halo?

Still a week 2 noob here, but going through some old HDR work to learn Aurora HDR 2019. I had an old series of HDR images from Sebago that was interesting: Boats on a dock. Boats that move constantly even on a calm day, and thus are very difficult to deal with.

The original base images are here:


I used hugin to align the images and produce the following HDR image shown below:

Hugin produced HDR image

I thought this was amazingly good. You can see the blur artifacts from the movement of the boats (the number 15; the motors, etc), but if you don’t look too closely this is a nice image.

Below is the attempt with Aurora HDR 2019, Version I imported the base images with Auto Alignment, Ghost Reduction, and Chromatic Aberration Reduction all turned on. Then I turned off all the Filters. (Meaning this is not going to be the final result.)

Aurora version

Obviously a fantastic job with the blurring. Amazing. I can work with this.

Except I can’t. Something is causing sharpening halos. I’ve tried turning all the filters on and off, but even with everything off, nothing eliminates those halos, afaict. So where did they come from?

Here is closeup of the problem: Look at the sides of the posts. Hugin on the left shows that it is possible to combine the images without excessive halos. Aurora on the right show unacceptable halos.

Not all my images show excessive halo. I did a series of work with a much better camera at http://www.clevercaboose.com/2019/05/07/tablerock-trip-20190414/ But now I need to stop and figure out what is causing this. To be continued.