Debug xquery in eclipse. Configuration

So you want to run xquery in eclipse. You eventually find your way to XQDT. Some concern that we’re working with beta software (version 0.8.0 as of this post), but you bravely forge ahead. You survive the installation and run into your first roadblock at the getting started. Here you discover that they are working with Zorba 0.9.4 (later you suspect this is a misprint, but never mind) and do NOT SUPPORT DEBUGGING! If you can’t debug, this is DOA.

You follow the note to install Zorba from the subversion trunk, but this is a C project and no compiled distributions. Dead end 1.

You download and install Zorba itself (version 1.4.0), and while it runs, you are unable to debug. (Perhaps you can, but you never figured it out and got impatient. Plus, you refuse to depend on other programs installed in Windows anyway, because this is a distribution/installation hell.) Probably dead end 2.

You hear about the 28msec Sausalito project. They apparently have a version of Zorba that supports debugging. Looking better, but you don’t want a separate Eclipse installation. After a bit of exploration, you figure out to how attach the Sausalito project code to your existing Eclipse installation:

1) Install XQDT into Eclipse as normal. Steps described here

2) Download the Sausalito project from here, and extract the zipped contents.

3) Navigate to the plugins/com.28.msec.sausalito.win32/coresdk/bin directory.

Note: In my download, the path is com.28msec.sausalito.win32_1.2.10.201011291638

4) Copy the contents of this directory into your existing Eclipse project. (Put it somewhere convenient, of course, such as /lib/sausalito,)

Note: Obviously, you do not need all the contents of this directory. I do not yet know which files are required, and which are not. I know the zorba-sausastore.exe file is required, along with some others.

5) Now to add the new intepreter to Eclipse. Open Preferences -> XQuery -> Interpreters. Click the “Add…” button, then the “Browse” button. Navigate to the zorba-sausastore.exe file you just added, and select it. Eclipse should be able to inspect the file and set the default Interpreter name, e.g.,

Click ok and make the new Interpreter the default (or change it only for the one project).

And that should do it. Look see ๐Ÿ™‚

I find it odd that Zorba is up to version 1.5.0, but XQDT is back on 0.9.4.

I also have NOT done anything with a Linux install. Obviously, you won’t have a win32 directory, but you’ll know what you’re doing anyway.

I said I was a helicopter parent…

These photos will eventually make their way to my website, but I’m going to upload them here as I get done cleaning them up. Below is the young lady experimenting with hair. Having a much better time that it appears, I do believe.
And a couple of recent art works.

RESTful applications (good idea) and interface contacts (required good idea)

On first and second impression, RESTful concepts do not appear to be consistent with application “contracts”. In fact, they appear to do away with them. Abandon the awful soaps and wsdls!

But “contracts” matter. At the very least, documenting the data structures. You won’t get very far if neither the supplier and receiver have a “good” way of knowing what they’re exchanging.

Sure wsdls suck, but don’t pretend you don’t need something else in their place.

3 months into the question (which I should have answered by now, since I’m developing a RESTful web application), I found the first article today that gave me a deep “aha”.

Definitely not the final answer, and really only a sketched out idea, but it immediately goes deeper than anything else I’ve seen.

Sharing the blog with FB: First problems…

Seemed so simple! Just add your blog to the facebook notes. Of course, good luck finding the “Notes Setting” box in your Notes section.

Ok, so we search FB for “import blog” and we find this page:
Unfortunately, FB fails to import my blog:

Import Failed

We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.

So we dig a little more and find this is a common problem:

And so we try the idea of installing a FB app to handle the task. Don’t like to give strange FB apps permission, but no way around this. “RSS Graffiti” seems to be the most popular choice.

And with that, I think we’re off and running. Well, I don’t actually see anything happening in FB yet…

First blog steps out of the gate….

Hello everyone. My first blog and first blog post. Using the free tool at Initial interest in seeing what kind of FB syncing is available.

And since I should post something of interest, my weekend tasks are to (1) edit a WW1 picture of my grandfather (removing scratches, etc), Hector, (2) add a json file output feature to dataswarm (my company’s application), and (3) read an Excel spreadsheet input to dataswarm. (And watch the Jawhawks win at 3PM today, of course ๐Ÿ™‚