Sharing the blog with FB: First problems…

Seemed so simple! Just add your blog to the facebook notes. Of course, good luck finding the “Notes Setting” box in your Notes section.

Ok, so we search FB for “import blog” and we find this page:
Unfortunately, FB fails to import my blog:

Import Failed

We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.

So we dig a little more and find this is a common problem:

And so we try the idea of installing a FB app to handle the task. Don’t like to give strange FB apps permission, but no way around this. “RSS Graffiti” seems to be the most popular choice.

And with that, I think we’re off and running. Well, I don’t actually see anything happening in FB yet…

3 thoughts on “Sharing the blog with FB: First problems…

  1. The post made it to my FB wall. Even better than landing in my Notes section! However, comments made in FB don’t seem to get back here.

    Now to see if this comment gets to the right place in FB. Hopefully “under” my original post, and not another link on my wall. The former would notify only the people interested in the original thread. The latter would be very annoying and unacceptable spam.

  2. Looking through the help sources, it is clear that FB comments will not make it back to the blog. Technological limitation.

    And my blog comments are not making it to FB either. I’m guessing this is more of a configuration issue. From, the RSS Graffiti developer says:

    “RSSGraffiti only relies on the information that appears in your RSS. If you populate the RSS to include the comments, then the comments will be published to your Wall as well.

    But even in this case there is no way to associate the comment with the initial post on Facebook. Every comment will be a new post of itself.”

    So (1), I need to configure this blog properly…which is odd, because I have explored all the controls and set everything I could see as “publish”, and (2) I don’t want this feature anyway, because that would spam my wall and annoy my FB friends.

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