Messed up youtube playlist privacy options

Ran into a youtube annoyance today. I had uploaded a collection of videos that are private. (Videos of friends and their kids, so definitely don’t want the world to see. I am using the “unlisted” privacy setting for each video.) And now I wanted to share the collection to my friends. I created a playlist and added the videos to the collection. Now the playlist has two security options: Public and Private. Private is for me only, so I used Public. But when I looked at the Playlist, it told me: “The playlist does not have any public videos”. To myself even!

So I apparently cannot add private videos to my playlist.

It is terrific that individual videos have security options. But the playlist doesn’t work with anything but public videos. An odd flaw in the youtube security model.

So for the moment, I am forced to abandon playlists. Just have to send the collection of urls to my friends.

Daughter’s first track meet

5th grade girls 1600m event. Her first track meet.

Lap times:
1) 1.32.3
2) 1.48.6
3) 1.45.0
4) 1.27.6

Final time: 6:33.5

Wind was significant, from right to left.

School record was 6:36. CYO record is 6:25.37, 6:22.79, or 6:20.34, depending on Class A, AA, or AAA. I don’t even know what that means.

This clip shows the highlight of the final lap as she moved into the lead:

This clip shows the entire race. Apologies to parents of any other girl in this race. Camera had eyes for one kid only. The front-runner was 100m ahead after 2 laps.

Next step is keeping her stride long when she coasts. When she takes it easy, as you have to do sometime during a mile race, her stride shortens, she slows down and starts to bounce.