Daughter’s first track meet

5th grade girls 1600m event. Her first track meet.

Lap times:
1) 1.32.3
2) 1.48.6
3) 1.45.0
4) 1.27.6

Final time: 6:33.5

Wind was significant, from right to left.

School record was 6:36. CYO record is 6:25.37, 6:22.79, or 6:20.34, depending on Class A, AA, or AAA. I don’t even know what that means.

This clip shows the highlight of the final lap as she moved into the lead:


This clip shows the entire race. Apologies to parents of any other girl in this race. Camera had eyes for one kid only. The front-runner was 100m ahead after 2 laps.


Next step is keeping her stride long when she coasts. When she takes it easy, as you have to do sometime during a mile race, her stride shortens, she slows down and starts to bounce.

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