How to export data from a SQLServer database into a sql file

This just cost me an hr or two and was a very frustrating search, so without further ado:

You are working with SQLServer. You need to export the data in 1 or more (all) tables. You don’t want to use the backup database approach. You don’t want to use text files. Rather, you want to use SQL insert statements.

Forget ExportSQLCE  link here A very nice tool, but it only works on sql compact database files.

Forget all those shitty commerical apps that want you to pay $60 or more to do this.

Forget the SQLServer documentation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? No, unfortunately not. A bunch of useless nonsense about using BCP.

The solution is to use the “Generate Scripts” menu option in SQL Server Management Studio and READ THE VERY FINE PRINT as documented HERE

That teeny tiny option in the Advanced button. That is where it is.