The Lennox Taulbee Clan. Recording from 2005/2006

This was a project I worked on a few years back. My friends, the Lennox Taulbee Cla,n decided they wanted to make a record of themselves singing together. Our friend Charlie Lamb built his own studio, called adoruerecords, so we booked a couple of days. The Taulbees sang, Charlie recorded, and I tried to film it. We had two cameras, so I always put one on a tripod and I walked around with the other. Trying to keep quite and out of the way. From the practices and multiple takes, I could get enough footage to mix it later. This youtube playlist was the result.

One technical note is that the light was low, so the video had a lot of noise. Noise reduction filters in the video world are pretty bad so I looked to the graphics tools. The best available had just been released as a PhD project and I could only use it from the command line. So I exported the video as images (30 images per second) and used a batch tool to run each image through the filter. At 30 seconds per image, this wound up taking about 40 days. 40 days when my computer was constantly pegged. It was definitely worth it.

Link to the youtube playlist