Robyn’s Poem Assignment, 7th Grade

Use the information to write the first draft of a ballad.

  • Make a when, what, and where statement, and then add more information about what is happening. Arrange the information in a rhyming pattern (ABCB).
  • Continue the story in rhyme describing what happens next. This can be one or more stanzas. Use as many as you need to tell your story. (IT MUST BE 3-4 STANZAS TOTAL.)
  • Describe how the story ends. Finish the stanza with a thoughtful line to end your ballad.
  • Title: Obama

    Around November 2008
    Obama was elected.
    All the blacks and all the whites
    where majorly affected.

    All the Presidents before him
    where very pale and white.
    But Barack Obama is black
    Even in the light.

    The first time he ran against
    Palin with McCain.
    He beat them in 2008
    And began his way to fame.

    He was President for 4 years,
    and number 44.
    His term was over in 2012.
    But the people wanted more.

    Elected again, President now,
    and never will be alone.
    The first African American President
    will always be remembered and known.