Rob Gillaspie – Corporate Slave

Back in 1993, I was working an hellacious job at the refinery in El Dorado. (Hell Dorado, as I called it.) Monday through Friday in the plant, home for weekends. Lousy project. One bar in town and these were the days when you needed a “membership” to enter. I wound up eating most of my meals in my motel room.

Anyway, I was back in Lawrence for Art in the Park, and I ran into a very talented kid (high school senior) who was displaying his work. His name was Rob Gillaspie. One image in particular caught my eye: Corporate Slave. Surprise 🙂

I told him I wanted to buy it and how much would he sell it for. Nice kid, he was stunned, and eventually came up with “five dollars”. I talked him up to ten dollars with a lecture about how it was going to cost me twice that to have it framed. Anyway, we parted company and I never saw nor heard from him again. Periodically I google and FB his name, but nothing yet. So now at least his name and his art work are in google and perhaps he can find me.


Rob Gillaspie
Corporate Slave

Update: My google trick was successful and he finally showed up. You can find him at  Mal Content google user

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