Rovarii meet Obama, 2008 Photo Album

11/1/2008 Hello all, Yesterday Chris, Rachel and I went to the Obama rally in Pueblo (30 miles south of the Springs) and had a most pleasant surprise. We left the really a little early to get a table at what we were told is “the best local Mexican food restaurant” in the city. We just got seated after a 20 minute wait when a staff member came to our table and told me that he liked the Obama pin on my hat and that the Obamas were on their way to have dinner. We had a seat with a picture window that faced the street and within minutes the Secret Service and police showed up, shut down the street and restaurant. A few minutes later a motorcade with the Obama’s car stopped in front of our window and the Obamas came in with their children. Barrack stopped at our table and shook everyone’s hand and then joined his family a few feet away. Later Michele Obama came by and I got to “bump fist” with our next First Lady. Chris was impressed by the security and said it was like being on the set of the Matrix. Rachel was ready to follow the advice of her cousin Jaia and ask the Obamas to pass the Ketchup, but being in a Mexican restaurant they did not have any on the table to pass. Here are some of our photos from the restaurant. Enjoy. Mike

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