Sebago Resort Dock Late night pano

I did this one many years ago. A crazy pano. A very dark night with no moon (until later). I started around midnight and worked until 5 in the morning. I was testing the technique of leaving the cameras lens wide open for minutes at a time, while I walked around and “painted” the scene with my flash. So literally all the light you see along the shoreline (except for the lights at the top of the bank) was my flase. Thirty of them at least. Towards the end of the night (facing south), the moon came out, so I had different lighting problems. And if you look west, you can see the movement of stars across the sky. Of course this was back in the film days, so I had no idea what I was going to get until I had the film developed days later. Sure was a lot of fun and something I doubt I’ll get to repeat.

One thought on “Sebago Resort Dock Late night pano

  1. Wish to have all that hardware You own 😀 Especially that pano head. If I want to make a pano I have to pull up my triopd, look from above on the camera to see if the main axis is preserved and then put it down again xD Crazy stuff 😉

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